Why Beach Volleyball Consulting?

Since beach volleyball was recognized as an emerging sport by the NCAA in 2011, the sport has experienced massive growth. Hundreds of junior beach volleyball clubs are now established across the country, built for purpose facilities continue to pop up where beaches are not accessible, and the NCAA is graduating dozens of aspiring beach volleyball professionals every spring. If you follow beach volleyball, I am sure you’ve heard it called the “wild wild west” numerous times over the past eight years. While this growth is very exciting, the lack of structure can be confusing and sometimes damaging to the athletes, coaches, and clubs.

When we worked together in the national beach high-performance department of USAV from 2015-2018, we were constantly approached by people across the country that were seeking support and to understand best practices.

Athletes want clarity around how to navigate being a professional beach volleyball athlete. How do I compete on the FIVB? What tournaments should I attend? How do sponsorships work? How much should I plan on investing? Do I need a coach? Can I make this work if I don’t live in California?

Coaches are confused about what their pathway looks like. How do I progress to the next level? Do I need to attend beach coaching clinics? What are good ways to network within the beach community?

Clubs need support for best practices around building their programming. What are the differences between running an indoor and beach club? How do I train my coaches? How do partnerships work? What are the differences between the many junior tours out there? How do I get my athletes recruited to play at the next level?

We are founding Beach Volleyball Consulting as a means of clarity to the beach volleyball community. We want to use our experiences to provide guidance on growing the sport from grassroots up through the professional level with the ultimate goal to contribute to making beach volleyball a sustainable professional sport.

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