We tailor your program to meet you where you are today to develop an action plan so that you are prepared for the transition to collegiate life whether you are committed to a program, looking to be recruited or early on in your preparation. Of the ten sessions, nine are arranged as listed below and one is built just for you with the team member of your choice.



Getting on Track for the Collegiate Journey: Both On and Off of the Court

Anna kicks off the ACCELERATE  onboarding program with discussions around what it means to be a college athlete. You will share what you are currently doing on and off the court, how you are preparing in the gym, and your academic and athletic aspirations. Anna will share tips on how what you are doing now aligns with the demands of being a collegiate athlete and the plan with you the time you have to successfully 'mind the gap' to equip for the transition. She will create a pathway with you of your remaining junior career that will prepare you for the next steps and future partnerships to find the right fit. Anna will also review your most current film with you to set up immediate goals for improvement on the court to revisit throughout the ACCELERATE  program.

Understanding Your Communication Style: Partnerships, Team, and Coaches

Over your beach volleyball career, you will have a number of coaches and dozens of teammates that you need to communicate effectively with. Whether it's a discussion with your coach or figuring out partnership issues, learning your communication style is a great asset to having successful tough conversations. In this session, you will discover your personal communication style and discuss different situations you may encounter throughout your career. 

The Autonomous Athlete: Recruiting and Representing Your University

If you are currently looking to be recruited, Anna will share with you the perspective of what coaches are really looking for and how to prepare yourself to be seen and ready to speak with coaches. If you are committed, Anna will discuss with you how to prepare over the summer for the huge transition to collegiate athletics. She will share with you a coaches perspective of how you can stand out and make the most of your freshman year.

Building an Action Plan for Success: Gaining Confidence Through Competence

In the final session with Anna, you will create an action plan moving forward to get you where you want to go.



My Collegiate Experience and Transitioning to Becoming a Professional Athlete - Selected Mentor 

This session is about what you want it to be! Your pro athlete mentor will share their journey and then are open to your questions. You may discuss their upcoming schedule, how they learned different skills, about their “day in the life”, how they navigate their partnerships, anything you’re curious about!

Being Fit to Compete: Listening to Your Body and Knowing What to Do - Stacy Struble

The environment (sand, outside), length of training vs competition, and overall structure of competitions make taking care of your body unique. To be your best, you will learn proper prehab and rehab exercises, how to fuel for long tournament days, and discuss a few common beach volleyball injuries. Also, Stacy will discuss her experience with Team USA and how our professional athletes manage their time and diet throughout the day.

The Essentials of Strength: Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, and Agility - Chris Vu

Beach volleyball requires a unique strength and conditioning regimen that’s individually tailored in order for you to perform at the highest level possible. Chris will educate and walk you through easily applicable exercises that focus on mobility, flexibility, strength, balance/stability, conditioning, speed/power, and agility. He will discuss a yearly timeline that includes differences between of-season and on-season training as well as what to do leading up to the days of competition and different effective recovery methods to help aid your training.

Harnessing a Strong Mind: The Foundations of Your Mental Game - Ryan Foose

Today, competition requires you to consistently be your best.  Reaching your peak performance takes more than just training your body; you also need to condition your mind.  Ryan will use his experience and knowledge in Sport Psychology to give you the mental tools like Self Talk and Visual Cues so you're more resilient and focused in the moments that matter the most.  Training the mind will help take your game to its next level and will give yourself an edge over your competition.

The Whole Athlete: Balancing Mental and Physical Wellness - Kamila Tan

Building a healthy beach volleyball team and healthy culture goes far beyond ensuring that athletes are physically fit and able to compete. The pressure to perform and “fit in” with teammates and friends can become an added pressure for young, developing athletes that can impact their mental health. Mental illnesses are becoming more common in young athletes. Kamila will share her experience of battling anxiety, depression, and eating disorders as a student-athlete at UCLA, how she overcame those hurdles, and how she re-built a healthy relationship with food and exercise. She will discuss how to have an open and nonjudgmental dialogue, how-to guide you to the proper resources for treating mental illness, and how to address stigma in a team culture. Kamila will also give a brief overview of the importance of nutrition for an athlete and how to cultivate a healthy dialogue among your teammates around the subject of food and exercise.