Getting started with ACCELERATE  is easy! Onboarding to the program includes ten video conference calls that are scheduled at times convenient for you or your group. Most sessions include preparatory readings, assessments, film review or questionnaires.

You will take note of your lessons learned and continued development plan in your individual learning log during sessions. Here you will highlight actions to be completed to stay on track of your goals. We recommend that you complete all ten onboarding sessions in 4-6 weeks but are happy to tailor a schedule to meet your needs.

After you have completed the onboarding sessions, a recommended program will be tailored to support your continued personal development. You can schedule additional sessions at any time with any of our team.  ACCELERATE  is empowering and preparing athletes to take the next steps in their athletic careers!


Own Your Journey

While the goals and outcomes of each session are outlined, each athlete’s needs are unique and our team is well equipped to take the conversation in the direction that best suits your needs. If you want to discuss something specific, just ask.


Be an Autonomous Athlete

You will be treated as an adult throughout this program. If a scheduling conflict comes up or you are unable to make a session on time, communicate as early as possible. Our team is understanding and flexible but their time is valuable. 


Come Prepared to Participate

The more dialogue you can engage in with our team, the more they can support your journey with specific suggestions. The only bad questions are the ones that go unasked. The session will lose value if they are only talking at you instead of with you.


Spend Time on Your Pre-Work

Preparing for your session will give you the confidence to ask questions, speak up if something is unclear, and maximize your time with your session coach. We recommended to complete it 24 hours in advance to give time for your coach to build their session specific to you.


Be Honest with Yourself

There may be some tough conversations. The more you can be honest with yourself and our team, the better they can assist you in building a plan for growth and success. 


Utilize Your Learning Log

This is your journal as you go through the program. It is imperative you write your learnings in it during the sessions and reflect after each one. Our team reads through your sessions to see what you learned, where you got stuck, and how we can help you continue moving forward.


Embrace Your Development

You will learn new things and potentially things that conflict with your past learnings. ACCELERATE  is preparing you to take the next steps in life and an element of that is accumulating information, using critical thinking skills, and deciding for yourself what makes the most sense for you. Try to get comfortable being uncomfortable!