Pro Pass Clinics

Hosting a Pro Pass Clinic at your facility is a fantastic way to expose your athletes to the professional journey and for them to connect with the next level. It is also a great opportunity for new coaches to learn new drills, feedback styles, and athlete insights.

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Past Clinics

Pro Pass Clinic: NW Juniors Beach Club

Bottega Beach Volleyball Park in Snohomish, WA opened its courts to boys and girls 18 and under on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 from 5:00-9:00 PM. They had the unique chance to be trained by Amanda Dowdy and Corinne Quiggle and ask them questions about playing in college, travelling the world and transitioning from indoor to beach. Camp participants came to cheer them on as they competed at the AVP Seattle over the weekend.

"The experience of having professional volleyball players coach a clinic with our players was not only beneficial for the players but also for the coaches. The players were able to learn from pro athletes who have made a career for themselves in this sport, and I think it was really inspiring for the younger players to experience that. We coaches were able to learn from the pro players as well and understand how they break down and explain even the simplest parts of the game. The overall experience was extremely valuable, and I hope this is something our club does regularly."

~ Haley Costa, NW Juniors Beach Coach