NCAA's Influence Domestically and Internationally

Beach volleyball has only been a collegiate sport since 2012. In just seven years, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) engagement has hugely impacted all levels of beach volleyball - from the junior clubs up through the world tour. Junior clubs are rapidly popping up all over the country, women under the age of 24 are charging through the qualifiers and going deep into the main draw of the AVP pro tour, and half of the female athletes that are currently in the running to earn an Olympic bid were collegiate athletes.

This report pulls information from multiple data sources (listed at the end of the report) and provides objective data about the quickly evolving landscape. It looks at trends for the junior (beach clubs), domestic (AVP Professional Tour), and international (FIVB World Tour) levels over the past six-year (2013-2019). The primary goal of this report is to document the immense positive influence that the NCAA has had on the growth of the sport. In particular, for our USA women and how that success could strengthen the support for adding beach volleyball programming for collegiate men. Our goal is to help advocate for an emerging sports process for men.